Hailey | Styled Destination Shoot | Downtown Santa Fe

We are always obsessed with getting to travel to amazing places for portrait sessions, and this was definitely one of them!  We were sooo thrilled that we were able to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico with our gorgeous and fun and sweet senior model - Hailey Pearcy - this year!  Hailey was so awesome to work with!  We road tripped it out there... a whole 14 hours!  It was so awesome to get to have time to bond in the car ride out there, and see all of the beautiful desert of the southwest along the way.  We spend two days shooting in Santa Fe, including downtown, the White Rock Overlook, and a Ghost town, and I have so many photos that I love that we have to do a few different blog posts to split them up for you guys!  So first up, is our shooting segment in Downtown Santa Fe!  The beautiful colorful doors and adobe buildings were so awesome to shoot with and I knew I wanted Hailey in something colorful to complement all of the architecture.  Believe it or not, I found these adorable colorful maxi dresses in thrift stores right here in downtown Ventura, and all of the beautiful accessories were provided by Goldie's on Main!  Make sure you stop by their store, their clothes are sooo cute!  We had an awesome time roaming around the streets shooting these looks!  Enjoy!!

Wardrobe: Jennifer Tori|  Makeup: J.Tori Makeup Artist|  Location: Downtown Santa Fe